Long Road Talent

Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory is a screen writer. He was released into the world the same year as Superman: The Movie, which makes him both awesome and quite old.
He’s the working class son of an ex-RAF engineer and maternity nanny (different people) who grew up the eldest and best of four children.

He heard a little band called Oasis in his teens and spent several years knocking about in bands trying to be the next Gallagher. Tom spent 13 years as a frontline Police Officer in Wiltshire and has, in the words of Winston from Ghostbusters, ‘seen shit that will turn you white’.

He married a girl he met working in Clark’s shoe shop as a 16yr old and has spent most of the time since living up to the lofty expectations of
his Indian in-laws. They have two teenage daughters who are already far more talented and Tom hopes they hurry up and become successful so he can put his
success down to being a ‘nepotism parent’.

Tom has collaborated with actor/writer/comedian Jack Carroll to create and write ‘Mobility’, a comedy about a group of disabled teenagers who
share the bus to college. Commissioned by the BBC the pilot is due to air in May 2023