Long Road Talent

Heather Brown

Heather is a screen writer . She has a number of scripts in development and has 12 years experience working as a Development Producer in factual telly. She escaped London life to live on a farm in Northern Ireland where she now lives with her partner,  9 chickens, 5 goats, 3 cats and 2 kids. 

Her pitch for her idea The Peace Makers, based on the formation of the Womans Coalition Party around the post-Good Friday Agreement Northern Irish Assembly elections won the pitching prize at the IFTV earlier in 2023. She has been asked to take the project to the pitching event at the European TV summit later in the year. Prior to the IFTV event Heather had never actively pitched a project before.

“Her writing has a bit of that early years Sally Wainwright vibe to it with a touch of Vic Wood… great voice in the writing.” – Gregor Sharp (BBC Comedy Commissioner)